Halloween Classics For Teens: Zombie Make-up


Whether you’re looking to add to your skill set before the beginning of the Halloween season or just amplify your own personal Halloween costumes, this fun and festive four-hour workshop will teach you how to create one of the season’s most classic looks: zombie make-up. From decaying skin to oozing wounds, attendees will learn to design and apply sickening looks that are perfect for both horror films and other Halloween festivities.

Topics covered in this course include: stretch and stipple with liquid latex, shading and coloring techniques, and more.

Workshop open to attendees aged 13-17. Guardian consent form required upon arrival.

Experience level: beginning to intermediate


All make-up and tools are provided for in-class use.

Attendees receive 30% off featured products when shopping in our retail store.

Location is store-front, in Manhattan's West Village. Multiple public transportation stations nearby(A,B,C,D,E,F,M,1 SUBWAY LINES)

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