Kako da


Korak 1Baza za senke is blended into the eye lids and under the bottom lash line in preparation for the detailed application. Once dry, HD Cream Liner (sahara) is then lightly buffed into the eye lids up to the socket line. The HD Cream Liner is then worked in underneath the bottom lashes as a flexible primer for the selected eye shadows.
Korak 2‘H21’ from the Variety senke za oči sa 18 boja (V 2) is pressed onto the outer edge of the lid and along the natural socket line. The Mat senka za oči is then blended out at the edge. ‘Lemon’ from the same palette is then dabbed carefully to the inner corner of the eye and along the center of the lid to create a half-cut crease. The shadows are softly diffused as they join on the lid.
Korak 3With a firm angle brush, precisely apply the color ‘Caribbean’, from the Variety senke za oči sa 18 boja (V 2). Press it into the base of HD Cream Liner, underneath the bottom lash line, following the shape of the Lime tone on the lid. The Mat senka za oči is layered for intensity of color. The application is gently blended at the point it meets the skin tone for a softer finish.

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