Kako da

Beauty Glam

A simplistic beauty, exuding warmth and radiance from within. Autumnal colors complement each other in earthy tones on the eyes, with subtle concentration on the lash line, in the form of warm browns, framing the eyes and enhancing their color. The skin glows with soft freshness and a natural flush, taking note from the undertones naturally present in the skin. Brows are soft with an elevated arch, opening the eyes without distraction. The lips, as if stained by berries, have a youthful splendour, capturing the delicate tones from within and empowering them with distinct, understated intention.
Korak 1The skin is prepped with AquaCleans 50 ml, before being rinsed with water and primed with Hidratantna dnevna krema. Shimmering Event tečni puder (amber) and Shimmering Event tečni puder (golden beige), mixed together, are applied to the top of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and forehead. Ultra Foundation is applied as base and then used in complementary shades to accentuate highlight and contour. Dermacolor Camouflage Creme 30 g is applied underneath the eyes and builds coverage across the T-zone, slightly brightening the complexion.
Korak 2Baza za senke is applied to the lids and browbone. [Mat senka za oči (TV brown) is blended across the entire eyelid and buffed in underneath the bottom lash line. Mat senka za oči (dark brown) then strengthens the socket line subtly. Mat senka za oči (102) is pressed closely to the top and bottom lash line creating smokey definition. Dermacolor Light Mascara is generously applied to the top and bottom lashes. Puder za obrve (light) defines and fills the brows before Eyebrow Forming Gel is brushed through the hairs.
Korak 3The contour and highlights are accentuated by blending in various respectful tones from the Dual Finish paleta sa 6 boja (Contouring). Glamour Glow (moon dust) is buffed on the top of the cheekbone and into the inner corner of the eye, creating a warm glow. From the Set ruževa za usne sa 18 boja, ‘LC080’ is applied to the lip line and blended in towards the center. ‘LC197’ is applied into the middle of the lips and blended out creating a soft ombré. The same color is then blended along the cheekbones.

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