Kako da

The Empress

There is something about the unknown, the mysterious and magical that captivates our thoughts and imaginations, and if we’re totally honest, leaves most of us feeling a little spooked out! So, what better time to delve into the depths of this fantastical world than Halloween?!
Korak 1Perfect the skin using Shimmering Event tečni puder (golden beige) before Ultra Foundation as a base. Apply HD Cream Liner (bronze) onto the mobile lid and blend upwards to the browbone. Buff Rumenilo 2.5 g (romantic) across the entire lid and blend out to the tail of the eyebrow, keeping a high concentration of color on the mobile eyelid. Use a blend of Mat senka za oči (sunlit), Mat senka za oči (red brown) and Mat senka za oči (mandarin) under the bottom lash line diffusing the strength of the color at the edges. The eyebrows are brushed up using the Eyebrow Forming Gel and then defined with Puder za obrve (dark). The lashes are then coated with Dermacolor Light Mascara.
Korak 2Use Faceliner (10) to carefully outline the shape of the moth using the lips as the central focus. Supracolor 8 ml (072) is then applied as the base color inside the sketched design. An ombré is created using a number of colors in Eye Shadow Matt. Mat senka za oči (F 02) is buffed into the Supracolor as a highlight focusing in the center of the body and wings. In turn Rumenilo 2.5 g (romantic) and Mat senka za oči (sunlit), Mat senka za oči (red brown) and Mat senka za oči (RB 62) are then used in order, adding a gradient of warm tones defining the wings and body moving from the center to the outer edge of the design. Mat senka za oči (F 02) is then applied once more to create hotspots of highlight in the center of the body and wings focusing on the lips.
Korak 3Next, to create definition to the design HD Skinliner (1 deep black), is applied in fine feathered strokes to the outer edges of the body of the moth. The angle and length of the strokes are varied and random in order to create the effect of fine fur on the body. The legs are then created using the same technique with longer strokes at the base of the leg gradually becoming smaller as they move away from the body, these are placed in symmetry to each other on each side. Using the very tip of the felt applicator fine jagged lines are drawn through the wings to create intricate vein detailing. Eyes are then carefully spotted on to head.
Korak 4HD Cream Liner (sienna) is selected for its warm earthy tones, representative of the trending color palette of the season. The Blue Master Fine Angle četkica is used to help achieve intricate and sharp line work while mapping out the symmetrical design of the graphic detail on the forehead. The flat side of the brush is then used to paint the HD Cream Liner (sienna) inside the drawn shapes thickening the design in the desired areas. The Blue Master Precision Liner četkica is used to apply the small dots and circles in contrast to the sharp graphic elements. Half-moons are drawn at the ends of the brows in homage to the astrological mood.
Korak 5To create a three-dimensional element, a combination of Biseri za telo and Gelafix koža is applied. A blend of HD Cream Liner (sahara), HD Cream Liner (sunshine) and HD Cream Liner (sienna) is first mixed together. The Gelafix Skin is heated within its packaging in boiling water until it melts into a liquid, after carefully transferring it into a small bowl. The HD Cream Liner blend is then mixed into the gelatin as coloring. The end of a brush handle is then dipped into the concoction and allowed to drip on to a Pločica za blendovanje šminke creating a variation in sizes of small droplets. The Biseri za telo are also painted before being applied with Pro lepak za trepavice 4 g.

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