Beyond Futurity

We easily accept that things become outdated by the end of a season or a trend. ‘Upgrades’ are common practice, out with the old and in with the new. Not so in Fall/Winter 2017/18 when we see the beginning of a change, a new movement. For a generation, we have learnt and witnessed the effects our decisions have on the environment. Retail choices decide what direction we steer our world in and now, rightly so, not only do we want our commodities to perform well and be great but be economical and do good.

In fashion we see minimalist, clean-lined silhouettes made from luxurious textiles. Comfort is instrumental in design, leading the way to tabard style splits and oversized pockets. We see the importance of practical comfort in rich, sustainable fabrics.

Celebrating the transition from summer to autumn, we see a dusky glow illuminating the cheeks on radiant, dewy complexions. Flashes of pink and delicate peach grace the skin while quirky, high-energy shades bring a daring boldness to the eyes and lips.

Fall/Winter 2017/18 applauds classic beauty with high impact features.

Step 1

The skin is primed with Ultra podbaza and perfected with Ultra Foundation. Kremasto rumenilo (coral) is buffed along the cheekbone. Kremasto rumenilo (dahlia) is pressed into the apples creating a two-tone rouge. Supracolor 8 ml (TK 2) is applied in an almond shape to the eyelid up to the socket line. Mat senka za oči (caribbean) is blended over the top to set and intensify the vibrancy of the color.

Step 2

Supracolor 8 ml (TK 2) is then carefully applied underneath the bottom lash line, starting in the corner and graduating out to meet the eye shadow on the upper lid. Mat senka za oči (night blue) is then pressed in a tight line along the bottom lash line. Using a soft brush blend this and sweep out to define the outer corner. Next, Eye Shadow in ‘Night Blue’ is blended into the socket line.

Step 3

To create a unique dusky pink, perfect for this season, HD Cream Liner (snow) and HD Cream Liner (ruby red) are mixed together. This calm, muted fusion of colors is then carefully applied onto the bottom water line. Eyelashes in Individual Clusters, ‘Small’ and ‘Medium’, are then applied using Pro lepak za trepavice 4 g (neutral). Draw an extremely fine line across the upper lash line with HD Cream Liner (ebony).

Step 4

Following, HD Cream Liner in ‘Ebony’ is applied into the top waterline and brushed over the natural lashes as a mascara. Using a square or small fan brush helps to stick the natural lashes and Individual Clusters ones together, creating a more natural appearance. After that, Lip Stain ruž za usne (metal) is used to define the lips creating a sharp lip line and then pressed into the entire lip surface.

Step 5

To complete the lips Supracolor ‘BG’ from the Shimmering Vision paleta sa 18 boja (Standard) is pressed into the center concentrating on the bottom lip. Satin puder (SP 771) is used to buff into the very edges of the Supracolor ‘BG’ creating a halo effect. Satin puder (SP 783) is then pressed directly on top of the Supracolor. Finally, Illusion (chiffon) is worked into the top of the cheekbones adding a dewy finish.

Make-up Artist: Kryolan Pro Team | Photographer: Jayesh Pankhania | Hair: SDB Hair Team | Styling: Joey Bevan
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