Mastering Of Bald Caps


Do you wish to make an actor/actress bald for an ageing character? Does your make-up need a fantasy/sci-fi look by adding a bald cap? Or do you simply need a bald cap for prosthetics application? In this professional make-up industry there are so many options for disguising someone's hair in order for them to look bald. Within this one day bald cap training, master all elements of bald cap, from the making of the piece to the application.
Acquire knowledge to make your own bald caps with the raw materials Kryolan provide. You will learn how to complete measurements from start to finish, learning how to measure your clients head correctly and produce a fine edged bald cap. Watch as your Kryolan educator creates and demonstrates how to apply a seamless bald cap with the preparing of hair, selecting suitable glues and removers for application. Whether you wish to learn the application of bald caps for TV, Film or Theatre, all will be covered and taught. Attendees will leave with the finished product and confidence knowing they can supply a bespoke bald cap for their clients.

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