Kako da

Color Explosion

Step 1
Preparation is everything. Cleanse and prep the skin with Prirodna micelarna voda 120 ml. Use a cotton pad and gently massage the product into the face to remove any residue. Then, apply the Digital Complexion prajmer za suvu kožu to leave the skin with a natural glow. The skin is now ready for further make-up applications.
Step 2
Our next step is the base for eye make-up. Press a small amount of the Digital Complexion korektor (here in shade P O2 mixed with O 12) onto the mobile lid and go up to the brow bone. This will neutralize any discoloration and serve as a base for the following eye shadow application. You can use any preferred brush. Use only a very thin layer and let it dry once it’s applied.
Step 3
Having the perfect base ready, we can now start with the eye make-up. Press Mat senka za oči (hot pink) into the socket of the eye to add definition and structure. With a blending brush the Blue Master Multi-Purpose Blender četkica, mala, blend the remaining product left on the brush for a more faded graduation. Move up towards the brow bone.
Step 4
​It’s time to connect. Apply Glamour Glow (icy blush) onto the brow bone to highlight this area and merge the eye shadows together for a seamless finish.
Step 5
Use a flat rounded edge brush Blue Master Precision Blending četkica to apply the shade sunshine from the HD Cream Liner. Apply the color onto the mobile lid to create more visual space for the eye. The HD Cream Liner (sunshine) will enhance the application and color payoff of the following eye shadow.
Step 6
To punch up the color even more, press Mat senka za oči (lemon) on top of the HD Cream Liner. This will give you a maximum impact of color. Blue Master Eye Shadow Blender četkica is used for this step. Make sure to also apply the same shade on the inner corner of the eye and one-third along under the lower lash line. This shade will merge with the Eye Shadow in the next step.
Step 7
​For a color contrast, apply Mat senka za oči (paradise) under the lower lash line with a Blue Master Eye Shadow Contour četkica, mala for precision. This shade is now merging with the before used HD Cream Liner in Sunshine.
Step 8
To provide the eye make-up look with a deeper dimension, coat the lashes with the Supreme Volume maskara (black) for intense impact.
Step 9
The following steps will focus on the foundation. Build the desired coverage with Ultra Foundation pakovanje sa ogledalom 15g. Apply in thin layers and add if needed. This leaves the skin with a dewy and glossy finish. Blend in the foundation with the Blue Master Buffing četkica for a flawless streak-free finish.
Step 10
​In fine layers, build the desired coverage with the Digital Complexion korektor (here in P O2). Use a dense blending brush and stipple the product into the inner and outer corners of the eyes and up towards the temples. This also helps to shape the face and highlight the area under the eyes.
Step 11
​This step is optional. If you like to powder, apply Digital Complexion puder u prahu in very fine layers onto the areas that need to be fixed and mattified. Make sure not to bake with the Digital Complexion Finish powder.
Step 12
To connect the blush with the eye make-up, sweep Mat senka za oči (hot pink) onto the top of the cheekbones and apple of the cheeks if suited.
Step 13
​Enhance and highlight the cheekbones with Holografski pigmenti (hologram) for a glossy finish. Use a Blue Master Blending četkica, mala for the application. Apply directly to the hot spots.
Step 14
​In this look, the brows are not a feature but still need to be groomed to go with the look. Lift and groom the brows using Gel za obrve (clear) in Clear. Simply use the wand to brush up the brows for a fluffy, brushed-up effect.
Step 15
Adding cool hues to the lips helps merge the tones between the eyes, cheeks, and lips. Add a layer of Halo Gloss Hologram ((launching soon) to complete the look.

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