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Beach Break - Look 12

Korak 1The lips are first prepared with Balzam za usne providing hydration for a dense application of liner. Faceliner (37) is selected for its sun-faded berry hue, the pencil is warmed at the tip by circling it on the back of the hand. It is then used to heavily line the lips while still retaining a crisp lip line.
Korak 2Lip Stain ruž za usne (ska) is then layered all over the top and bottom lip. Once the application is dry, a few drops of Hydro ulje za uklanjanje šminke 100 ml is worked over the lips with a soft blending brush. With a primary focus on the center of the lip, the Hydro ulje za uklanjanje šminke 100 ml encourages separation of the Lip Stain and begins to create a marbled effect like predicted in the trend.
Korak 3To finalize this trend feature, a generous amount of High Gloss sjaj za usne (crystal rose) is layered over the disheveled details. The High Gloss reclaims a softness to the concept and the extreme shine softens the broken down, matt effect. Lip Stain also helps to emphasis the interesting texture of the remaining details.

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