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Beach Break - Look 9

Korak 1A thin layer of Supracolor 8 ml (080) is applied around the edge of the lip line and softly blended so it appears as a translucent tint of a sweet pink. Mat senka za oči (SM) is then blended over this and buffed in towards the center creating an imperfect ombré. This soft haze of color leaves the middle lighter in contrast giving the impression of being well worn, as suggest in the trend.
Korak 2Refil za Supracolor (080) is stippled into the center of the lip. Using a flat brush, a small amount of Hydro ulje za uklanjanje šminke 100 ml is worked over. This encourages the Supracolor to slightly break down and separate a little, showcasing the mottled element of the prediction. Mat senka za oči (SA 131) is then haphazardly pressed into the lips using a random stippling technique for mottling.
Korak 3Once the majority of the Supracolor has been set, by the combination of Mat senka za oči (SM) and Mat senka za oči (SA 131), the lip detail is complete by adding a generous layer of High Gloss sjaj za usne (crystal rose) to the top and bottom lip line. The gloss is then left to naturally move across the lips with a higher concentration of shine around the outer lip line.

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