Kako da


Korak 1A small amount of Baza za senke is massaged into both eye lids to hydrate the skin and increase the durability of the application. In order to create a flexible base for the Eye Shadows, HD Cream Liner (snow) is buffed from the lash line up to the socket line. The HD Cream Liner is then blended underneath the bottom lash line and at the outer corner joins the application in the socket line.
Korak 2In order to create the sun-faded tone of Mint, Variety senke za oči sa 18 boja (V 2) in ‘Caribbean’ and ‘Turquoise’ are blended. The application is pressed into the HD Cream Liner (snow) close to the top lash line and buffed up to the socket line. The blend of Eye Shadow Matt is layered for an opaque finish. The edges are diffused with a soft brush in order to help the transition of colors as they’re placed.
Korak 3From the Variety senke za oči sa 18 boja (V 2), ‘Lemon’ is loaded onto a brush and buffed into the HD Cream Liner along the bottom lash line. Lime is concocted by mixing ‘H21’ and ‘AB70’ from the same palette. The color is applied into the inner curve of the socket line and blended out to the natural contour of the eye. On the outer curve of the brow bone more of the shadows are concentrated, then diffused.

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