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Melting Glaze

Glacier Mint
The skin has an iridescent radiance with multi tonal cream and fluid highlights formed of Shimmering Event tečni puder (pearl) and Illusion (satin). This key element to the trend provides a mystical base for the cool glacier mint tones of Holographic Pigments, in a soothing blend of Holografski pigmenti (solar) and Holografski pigmenti (butterfly). The pigments are pressed into a base of HD Cream Liner in an icy fusion of HD Cream Liner (emerald) and HD Cream Liner (snow). High Gloss sjaj za usne (crystal rose) coats the lip.
Ethereal Ocean
Fresh, dewy skin features a bronzed beam of highlight. Shimmering Event tečni puder (gold) provides a creamy base for Glamour Glow (bronzing agais) to shine out with an ethereal quality. The eyes are primed with HD Cream Liner, Emerald and Snow are mixed together and buffed into the eyelids and inner corners. Holographic Pigments in a range of oceanic tones, Solar, Holografski pigmenti (parrot) & Butterfly, are applied with a sense of fluidity without definition or symmetry, suggestive of the trend.
Tranquil Aquas
Luxurious textures glow with creamy illuminators. Shimmering Event tečni puder (golden beige) is buffed into the skin before Dermacolor Camouflage krema 4 g evens out the skin. HD Cream Liner (aqua) is mixed with Snow and applied to the eyelid. Mat senka za oči (caribbean) and Mat senka za oči (AB 6) washes over the eyelids creating a calming aqueous blue. Holographic Pigments in Parrot frames the tranquil tone, adding definition to the socket line. Pure pigmenti metallic (pure blue) is blended with Mixing Medium and applied as an eyeliner.
Marine Glossiness
Pushing the boundaries further a deeper, more ferocious look embodies the trend elements. A higher concentration of Parrot and Holografski pigmenti (atmosphere) are mixed with the High Gloss in Crystal Rose adding intensity to the calmer tones of Butterfly and Solar. Shimmering Marine hues in daubs of gloss are placed without agenda and allowed to melt into one another creating intoxicating nuances of aqua tones.
The luminous skin is buffed to a polished shine using Glamour Glow in Bronzing Agais.
Mirrored Waves
Glamour Sparks (blue) teamed with Illusion in Satin creates a magical blue-based highlight that bejewels the lip and inner corners of the eye. Holographic Pigments in Parrot, Atmosphere and Butterfly are generously mixed in with High Gloss Crystal Rose and layered onto the eyelids, an intentional concentration of the darker pigments are placed along the lashline and into the socket line but without mirrored structure. A wave like application represents the sedative essence of this season’s trend.
Sumptuous Maroons
A blend of multi-hued metallic aubergine and ripe maroons can be seen emerging this season. Holografski pigmenti (kaleidoscope) are blended with Pure pigmenti metallic (pure ruby) range and pressed into the lip line for a subtle chrome effect. The lips are sumptuous with High Gloss sjaj za usne (noble) and High Gloss sjaj za usne (toffee) mixed to create a luxurious texture. The skin radiates glow with the aid of Shimmering Event Foundation in Gold and Glamour Glow in Bronzing Agais strobing across the cheekbones.
Prism Gloss
The coverage of Ultra Foundation perfects the skin while the inner radiance is enhanced by mixing Shimmering Event Foundation in Gold directly into the foundation. High Gloss in Crystal Rose is generously applied to the lips. Holographic Pigments in Kaleidoscope, Atmosphere, Solar & Holografski pigmenti (rainbow) are loaded onto a fine liner brush and gently pulled through the gloss in sweeping strokes. The rich pigments melt into the gloss creating abstract flashes of the trend colors encased in a glass like lip.
Psychotropic Lips
This wet look lip houses iridescent gloss in a psychotropic realm of colors. Holographic Pigments in every one of its eight shades are all individually liquidized into High Gloss in Crystal Rose before being layered on to the lips. The glistening fluid melts into each other creating an organic spectrum of colors represented by the Holographic Pigment range in all its glory. Kaleidoscope, Atmosphere, Butterfly, Holografski pigmenti (chameleon), Solar, Parrot, Rainbow & Holografski pigmenti (hologram) dance through the glass coated lips with hypnotizing beauty.
Psychedelic Pink
Energized, psychedelic pink for lips is teamed with an iridescent highlight in this daring statement look. Mat ruž za usne (nike) and Mat ruž za usne (juno) dominate the lips while Holographic Pigments, in Kaleidoscope & Hologram, are mixed with a touch of Pure pigmenti metallic (pure magenta). This dazzling multi tonal concoction is pressed into the Lipstick Matt creating a foil finish. The skin is highlighted with blue-based reflective pigments in the form of Glamour Sparks in Blue Sparks blended with Illusion in Satin.
Illuminated Reign
With illumination shining out of the skin and the calming blue-based concentrated highlights, the lips are left to reign in this look. Supracolor 8 ml (079) is pressed into the center of the lip framed by Supracolor 8 ml (081) creating an ombré. The center of the lips is topped with a mixture of Pure pigmenti metallic (pure gold) and Holographic Pigments in Rainbow. The lip line is defined with HD Cream Liner (dark orchid) and set with Parrot from the Holographic Pigment range.

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