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Halloween Chatelaine

Skin Prep
First, the skin is cleansed with Prirodna micelarna voda 120 ml and prepared for make-up. This is important before applying prosthetics, as oils and cream residues on the skin surface can impair the stability of the adhesive to be used. The cleansed skin is then rinsed with water.
Prosthetic Application
The eyebrows should lie as flat as possible and are therefore fixed with Hydro Spirit Gum 12 ml and Eyebrow Plastic vosak za obrve before applying the prosthetics. Use a disposable mascara brush for the first product. Eyebrow Plastic can be warmed and applied with your fingers.
Now all the pre-made prosthetics are applied to the body and face with Silikonski lepak NEO Regular Bond 50 ml. NEO Sredstvo za uklanjanje i razblaživanje lepka 100 ml and Aceton 1000 ml are used to remove the edges.
Tuplast (clear) provides delicate veins afterward. Remove unwanted shine by pressing on Perfect Matt.
Creating the Eye Make-up
HD Cream Liner (ruby red) is applied to the eyelid and blended to the center of the eyebrows up to the temples. Then apply the same color to the lower lash line and waterline. For definition along the eye socket and the lower lash line, use Mat senka za oči (080). Then trace the upper lash line with HD Cream Liner (ebony). Next to Dramatic Volume maskara (black), apply TV 4 to the lashes. Pure pigmenti metallic (pure orange) provides an accent in the inner corner of the eye.
Coloring Prosthetics
The prosthetics are colored with a mixture of suitable shades from the Body Illustration Make-up set sa 18 boja (Flesh). Use BIC Activator to activate the colors. Red and violet tones from the corresponding palette Body Illustration Make-up set sa 18 boja (FX) subsequently help to create an optical depth of the wounds. Unwanted shine is then removed with Perfect Matt.
Vein Detailing
Draw veins using a fine brush and HD Cream Liner (ruby red). Make-up Blend dabbed onto the brush helps the effect appear translucent. Mat senka za oči (aubergine) is then applied sporadically to create depth and definition.
Jeweled Wounds
Artex in equal parts of components A and B is used to build up 3D elements on the forehead and lower jaw. Reduce shine by using Perfect Matt. Cirkoni za telo (red) are then added to the modeled wounds before they are painted over with Pure pigmenti metallic (pure orange) mixed with Fiksator za Cake ajlajner. Once set, use Supracolor 8 ml (079) & Supracolor 8 ml (080) to color Artex. Finally, enhance certain areas with Mat senka za oči (aubergine) & Mat senka za oči (080).
Krv za sveže posekotine 15 ml (dark) is applied to the outer corners of the mouth and used to fill various areas of the wounds created with Artex, as well as prosthetics on the body. Then apply Supreme krv za spoljašnju upotrebu 15 ml (dark) around the wounds to create a bloody texture.

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