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Halloween Servant 1

Skin Prep
First, the skin is cleansed with Prirodna micelarna voda 120 ml and prepared for make-up. This is important before applying prosthetics, as oils and cream residues on the skin surface can impair the stability of the adhesive to be used. The cleansed skin is then rinsed with water.
Creating the Eye Make-up
Use shades 079, 071, and 081 from the Coloring Vision paleta sa 18 boja (Vivid) to define the eye area. 079 and 081 create dynamic wounds by applying beyond the brows with a Gumeni sunđer and brushes.
Then layer a mixture of reds and purples from the Variety senke za oči sa 18 boja (V 6) and Variety senke za oči sa 18 boja (V 2) on top to add further dimension and texture. HD Cream Liner (ebony) is applied along the lower waterline before Lash Revolution maskara (black) is applied generously to the upper and lower lashes.
Brush eyebrows high with Gel za obrve before a sparing application of Krv za sveže posekotine 15 ml (dark) is placed on top of the colors already used. This is applied with a Sunđer sa finim porama to create additional scratch-like textures.
Eye Embellishment
Cirkoni za telo (red) are applied collectively to various areas of the eyes for decoration. To make them stick better, use Pro lepak za trepavice 4 g, which should be dried briefly before applying to the skin.
Wound Creation
Then mix Artex components A and B in equal parts to create a 3D wound on the forehead. Use a Špatula za mešanje šminke for application and ensure that the transition is seamless. Perfect Matt subsequently ensures that any shine is removed.
Wound Coloring
Use the Body Illustration Make-up set sa 18 boja (FX) (colors 080 and 082) to color the wounds. Focus the tones on the edges of the internal walls of the Artex to create depth. Dilute the colors with BIC aktivator.
Creating the Lip Make-up
Apply Supracolor 079 and 081 from the Coloring Vision paleta sa 18 boja (Vivid) to the lips. Krv za sveže posekotine 15 ml (dark) then creates an effect of scratch marks and is applied so that it goes over the natural edge of the mouth. Intensify the color using High Gloss sjaj za usne (catwalk). Then randomly place smaller stones of Cirkoni za telo (red)
Eye Detailing
Mix High Gloss sjaj za usne (crystal rose) & High Gloss sjaj za usne (catwalk) and dab it on the eye area to enhance both color intensity and shine. Perfect the skin around the eyes with Digital Complexion korektor.
Blood and Jewels
Cirkoni za telo (red) along with Polyester Glimmer in Red (Polyester Glimmer srednje čestice (bright red), Polyester Glimmer krupne čestice (bright red)) as well as True Nature Glitter (red) are added to the Artex wound before HD krv u gelu (dark venous) & HD krv u gelu (light arterial) is applied. The latter is also done around the temples, and eye area before Krv za oči 20 ml (red) is used. This goes into the inner corner of the eye and then flows naturally towards the lower half of the face.

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