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Halloween - Servant 3

Skin Prep
First, the skin is cleansed with Prirodna micelarna voda 120 ml and prepared for make-up. This is important before applying prosthetics, as oils and cream residues on the skin surface can impair the stability of the adhesive to be used. The cleansed skin is then rinsed with water.
Brow blocking
First, the brows are brushed upward with Pros-Aide - originalni - 50 ml so that they lie as flat as possible. Then, a layer of Translucent puder 20 g (TL 1) is pressed firmly onto them with a powder puff to remove stickiness. Finally, to conceal and highlight the area, apply TV Paint stik (TV white) to the brows. Fix with Translucent puder 20 g (TL 1).
Creating the Eye Make-up
Apply the Digital Complexion korektor to the entire eyelid up to the brow bone. After curing, draw Supracolor 8 ml (079) and Supracolor 8 ml (080) from the inner to the outer corners of the eyes. Then intensify and fix the shape with the Mat senka za oči (SM) and Mat senka za oči (SA 131). Repeat this step along the lower lash line before creating even more depth with Mat senka za oči (deep black). HD Cream Liner (golden shimmer) is then applied along the lower waterline.
Eyes - Highlight and Embellishment
HD Cream Liner (golden shimmer) is applied to the center of the eyelid to create an accent. It also serves as a base. Mix HD Living Color pigmenti (silver) and HD Living Color pigmenti (copper) and press the mixture onto the HD Cream Liner (golden shimmer). Now apply a layer of Supreme Volume maskara (black) to the upper and lower lashes. Apply a random mixture of the smaller Cirkoni za telo (red) to the outer and inner corners of the eyes before outlining them with gold metallic details. Use Pure pigmenti metallic (pure gold) for this, which is mixed with a few drops of Fiksator za Cake ajlajner.
Creating a Tear with Artex
Next, create a teardrop using Artex. Pour a 1:1 mixture of components A and B onto a mixing palette before adding small amounts of Pure pigmenti metallic (pure gold) and Pure pigmenti metallic (pure ruby). The mixture is then applied to the eye make-up detail and shaped while the curing process begins.
Prosthetic Application – Skin Prep
A layer of Pros-Aide - originalni - 50 ml is applied to the clean skin where the prosthetic is to be attached. Another layer of it is also spread on the back of the prefabricated prosthetic before it comes into contact with the skin.
Prosthetic Application – Skin Contact
The prosthetic is pressed firmly onto the skin, leaving the visible edge. Once it is fully adhered to and dry, the next step can take place.
Prosthetic Application – Blending Edges
Using a cotton swab dipped in Aceton 100 ml, gently smudge the edges to create a smooth transition between the skin and prosthetic. If there are areas that are undesirably shiny, you can apply a small amount of Perfect Matt over them before applying the color.
Prosthetic Coloring
The prosthetic is matched to the skin with Body Illustration Make-up set sa 18 boja (Extra). Activate the corresponding colors using BIC aktivator until they become translucent and apply them using a brush in short, flicking motions. Depth is created by applying a deep red shade from the same palette in the center of the wound.
The skin is perfected with both Digital Complexion tečni puder and Digital Complexion korektor. For a soft highlight, apply Shimmering Event tečni puder (pearl) to the cheekbones, nose, and chin. Then gently blend Supracolor 8 ml (079) & Supracolor 8 ml (080) towards temples and down to cheekbones. The cheekbones are then highlighted with a blend of the loose pigments used previously - Pure pigmenti metallic (pure gold) and HD Living Color pigmenti (silver). Excess shine is removed with the help of Anti-Shine Puder 25 g (natural).
Creating the Lip Make-up
Supracolor 8 ml (079) and Supracolor 8 ml (080) are lightly applied to the lips to create a blurred and undefined look. The upper lip is then highlighted with Pure pigmenti metallic (pure gold) to complement the other areas on the eyes and cheekbones.
Blood and Embellishment
Now apply Cirkoni za telo (red), a mixture of Polyester Glimmer Red (Polyester Glimmer srednje čestice (bright red), Polyester Glimmer srednje čestice (bright red), Polyester Glimmer sitne čestice (bright red)), and True Nature Glitter (red) to the wound and adhere with Hydro Spirit Gum 50 ml. Krv za sveže posekotine 30 ml (dark) and HD krv u gelu (light arterial) go on the inside of the wound as well as the surrounding area to give a more realistic look. Apply a mixture of Krv za sveže posekotine 30 ml (dark), HD krv u gelu (light arterial), and Drying krv 50 ml (light) around the nose and mouth.
Body Prosthetic
An additional wound is applied to the body. For this, you can use the same application, dyeing, and decorating methods as in the above steps.

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